For some of us, working out and being active are essential to who we are and are important lifestyle choices that we tend to make each and everyday for our well being. For others, being athletic and working out everyday sounds like torture and we would rather lock ourselves in the kitchen and reach for that Ben & Jerry's.

Now there's people like me, who are a happy medium between both of these extremes. Although I'll have no trouble going on a jog or trying out new activities, I would much rather spend the day snacking like any sensible person.

Luckily for me, the new trend, athleisure, is looking like it's here to stay. It is very versatile because I can go directly from my friendly tennis match to grab some taquitos with my friends. And yet, for both instances, the look is appropriate.

Even better, workout clothes is usually slimming and makes you feel very productive just by putting it on.

Typically, I would never recommend vibrant colors, but for this trend, I really enjoy incorporating neon elements. So this look is a signature all black shorts and tank, paired with a lime green hoodie, favorite distressed baseball cap, and fun sneakers. Feel free to mix and match colors for athletic-type looks because anything goes. Personally I'll stick with black and neutrals, but I'll take it out of my comfort zone every once in a while and branch out with the color every now and then.

Tank: Lucy
Shorts: Gap
Hoodie: Le Tigre
Snekers: Adidas

Picnic Day

Spending Sundays doing absolutely nothing productive is generally the best way to unwind after a long and crazy week. We planned a beach picnic which not only included sandwiches and fruit, but flower crowns and cut off shorts!

Honestly, I can do anything, go anywhere, and meet anyone in a pair of cut off shorts. I think they look good on virtually everyone and are just about the comfiest pieces I own. 

This tank is an oldie but goodie and still stands strong in my category of favorite tops. The downward facing design elongates the torso and provides just enough print to seem fun and trendy. I actually adore that it has some tie dye features because I spilled raspberry vinaigrette on the top, practically ruining it, but it camouflaged the stain incredibly well. So all in all it is clumsy girl proof! 

Top everything you can off with a subtle flower crown for a youthful touch and bam there's a fun and carefree do-nothing-but-still-kick-butt weekend look. A pair of Levi cutoffs are a classic staple. This season, lace up blouses and tanks are a big deal- do mix these two for a super cute look just like Amanda's. 

Top: Free People 
Shorts: Free People
Flower Crown: American Eagle 
Sandals: Dolce Vita

LIVin It Up

Today, I went to LIV for the first time! Such a rarity to have never been there considering I'm a hardcore Miamian, but I'm just not the clubbing/party type. I attended the Grouplove concert and it was PHENOMENAL.

This outfit is my rendition of what should be worn on a typical night out in the 305. Tight, short, heels, but still classy and appropriate. You never know what hole in the wall restaurant you'll end up in at 3 am, so you still want to have something decent.

I'm really into tight top layering pieces because they create a flattering silhouette and allow you to move around freely. Embellished shorts and strappy heels are a fun way to jazz up a look without seemingly trying too hard.

Post concert dinner with this babe

Top: Free People 
Shorts: Express 

St. Patty's Day

This year for St. Patrick's day, I got caught in a slew of errands and exams. But I wasn't going to let that get in the way of showing some green in my daily look. After all, who wants to get pinched for not cooperating with traditions? So I had to put together a casual and easy look and decided to be very subtle about what I wore. 

Every time there is a holiday that requires people to wear a certain uniform, I DREAD it. First and foremost, if you're not of that heritage, it's kind of tacky. To be decked out in all green seemed a tad excessive. So here's my plain simple rendition of how to add slight touches of style when your festive side needs to shine though.

Camo shorts with an oversized tee and gold accessories. Laid back for this crazy day, and still in the St. Patty spirit. Paired with my spring/summer staple: ESPADRILLES. They are the comfiest shoes I own. My boyfriend calls them my sad rope shoes, because he says they look home made for survival. But he is so wrong. Yes, they are made of rope, but they are so chic, comfy, and ooze summer boat days. Never taking them off!

The spring here is absolutely gorgeous! I have to appreciate being able to go outside before melting for as long as I can. It's great being able to enjoy some time outdoors when the days are so lovely. 

T-Shirt: Free People
Shorts: Free People
Shoes: J. Crew
Necklaces: AE & Marc Jacobs